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Why am I getting a "comm error, re" CFG-STAT when adopting an AP to a WiNG controller?

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TitleWhy am I getting a "comm error, re" CFG-STAT when adopting an AP to a WiNG controller?
The AP is not broadcasting the SSID. When the command: "#show adoption status" is executed from the controller, the following results are displayed:
#sh adoption status
not adopted to any wireless controller

Adopted Devices:
AP7532-lab    comm error, re..  No   RFS4000-lab     0 days 00:01:55     0 days 00:03:42

  • RFS4000/6000/7000
  • NX5500/7500/9xxx
  • VX9000
  • AP75xx series
  • AP65xx series
  • AP76xx series
  • WiNG 5.x
In this particular case, the AP model does not adhere to the regulatory requirements of the country in which it is installed.

An example of this would be a US model AP such as an
AP-7532-67030-US which is being used in Canada.

Although the county code in the RF-domain on the adopting controller is set to "ca", it will not be configured on the AP since this country code does not exist on US models and thus will prevent it from properly operating:

Config example:
  1. Output from controller:
#show run
!deleted for brevity
rf-domain default
location lab
timezone EST5EDT
country-code ca
use smart-rf-policy Standard
control-vlan 1
  1. Output from AP:
#show run
Model number is AP-7532-67030-US
!deleted for brevity
rf-domain default
no country-code
use nsight-policy default

The AP model must adhere to the regulatory standards of the country in which it is going to be installed. Before purchasing, configuring and installing an AP, make sure that the model is the correct one for the country it's going to be shipped to. 

Amongst other, the list of models might include:
  • US
  • WR
  • EU
  • IL
Additional notes
Please contact our technical support team if further clarifications are required. 



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