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xmc: Cannot open a Device Terminal within XMC.

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Titlexmc: Cannot open a Device Terminal within XMC.
Attempting to launch a terminal session (eg. WebShell) on a device within XMC fails.  The WebShell window opens, but is populated with the main Devices window of XMC rather than the command line access to the device.

For example:  
1.  Highlight Device --> Device --> Device Terminal

2.  The following window will appear:
User-added image

3.   If you use a non Firefox browser, the above window will correctly launch:
User-added image
Extreme Management Center v8.x
Netsight v8.x
XMC      v8.x
This is a known issue with the Firefox browser.  There was a recent change related to iframes which in turn broke the device terminal which runs inside an iframe. 
This issue is resolved in v8.1.6.

The workaround for pre v8.1.6 versions is to use a browser other than Firefox, such as Chrome, Edge, IE, etc.
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